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May 25th, 2014

08:30 pm - Cute shirt
This is such a cute guinea pig shirt, and they're two shirts away from making their goal so I thought I would pass it along http://ww2.cafepress.com/bash/368533914/

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September 12th, 2012

07:21 am - New member
Hi all! I see the group hasn't been very active, but I'd like to join, as I love all things cavy and have 6 of them myself. If anyone wants to see pics I am going to take more today to put up. Feel free to give me a shout out!

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July 5th, 2012

02:58 am

We are considering moving our pigs cage into the living room but we have cats. Neither of them have ever done anything to even remotely suggest they would harm them, but we've added a top to it just to be safe. However, this has sparked their interest and they've started sticking their paws through the little squares. Does anyone know where we could get grids with tiny squares that a cat paw couldn't fit through? We've looked everywhere :(. And just for reference, he's our current setup (sans top):

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December 4th, 2011

11:29 am - Anorexic guinea pig :(
Wow, haven't been on LJ in so long my previous account was erased! I'm not even sure if this is the same guinea pig community I was in before.... Anyways...

I have a sick guinea pig, girl named Sid.

A few days ago I noticed her not eating much and she had lost weight. Took her to the vet and besides a little diarrhea and her weight loss they said she looked fine. No signs of infection or anything. They  gave me antibiotics and a container to collect a stool sample for further investigation. I did make a stupid mistake by  changing thier pellets and they thought that might have triggered it. so immediatly after the vet I went and bought the other brand of pellets they are used to.

I have 3 guinea pigs btw, and the other two girls, Nancy and Pumpkin, are totally fine.

Since the vet visit ( on thursday night) she has continued to loose weight and is not eating or drinking at all. immidiatly after the vet visit I also started hand feeding/watering her. I still give her fresh veggies too, which she picks at with some interest but doesn't eat.

Also, the diarrhea stopped after the vet visit, she is barely pooping at all now.

My neck and back (and heart)  hurt from cradling her every hour or two to hand feed and water her. She doesn't take alot on one sitting so I have to do many feedings a day, it's pretty much taken over my life. Luckily, in this situation, I've been laid off work recently or I wouldn't be able to support her in the same capacity.

has anyone encountered a guinea pig going anorexic?

I've found alot of information on the internet, and the ever helpful guinea lynx website. But I am not finding much of specific cases of anorexia. I know that it can lead to liver deterioration and death of course.

I want to see if any of you have heard of or experienced anorexia. Anyone experience recovery? Should I expect the worst? :(
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November 25th, 2011

10:20 pm - Introducing Rosie

Hi all,

I have been following this community for awhile now but haven't introduced Rosie to you all yet! Rosie is about a year and a half and is such a little snuggle muffin. She loves popcorning to music, watching TV with daddy, and hanging out in her hammock.

Watching TV with dad.

Playing outside over the summer.

 Enjoying her favorite treat: dandelion greens!

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September 27th, 2010

11:08 am - Hi Everyone!! NEED HELP!!
Hello everyone!!

I was so busy I posted this late but I really need your help!!! Like SUPER HELP!!!

Please vote for my piggy in a contest in Facebook. I'd really appreciate all your support. If you have an FB account, kindly help me by voting.

Here's how:

1. Please like this page -> Pinoy Pet Cuddle Cup on Facebook

2. Click the photo below and comment the word "cute" on the photo itself.

Our contestant is one of my babies, Stewchan.

Thanks so much!!


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September 10th, 2010

06:41 pm - Special appeal for Thistle Cavies Rescue
Thistle Cavies is the biggest guinea pig rescue, rehoming centre and sanctuary here in Scotland. Three of my piggies came from this rescue and the owner is a truly wonderful woman who has been an absolute rock through some of my piggie health dramas!

The plea for help as written on Guinea Lynx:

Earlier this week they received a direct hit from lightning during a brief thunderstorm. They have been without power and phone lines since Tuesday and looking to be next week before everything is up and running again. Thankfully all the animals and Thistle folks are unharmed though the electrical system has suffered damage.

some damage was done to the sockets and electrical items, in particular the computer which is integral to the Rescue operation and contains all their contacts and photos going back many years. While some were backed up and the computer is insured, the company are unwilling to pay out claiming it's due to 'adverse weather conditions'.

While a new computer would be desirable they would rather be able to retrieve the data including pics, contact and treatment information about pigs in their care from the existing one. Unfortunately this is a cost along with any supplemental heating required for Cavy Cottage and repairs they could do without. Much of the repairs will be paid for by the Thistle team themselves but it leaves precious little for any emergency funding for the many pigs currently in their care or that come through their doors and get treatments every year.

Hopefully all the Thistle piggies like Wooly Pig below can sleep soundly with a little help. ;·)

Poor Wooly Pig is now kept in the house on a permanent basis [thalestral says: piggies are kept both in the house and in fully heated and secure sheds with purpose built large C&C style cages!] and is on a full dose of Fortekor for his heart but is doing well on it so far. Probably one reason he seemed to sleep so soundly. :·)

If you have any small amount you can give as a donation that you can spare, every little helps to keep the Rescue running during this crisis as sponsorships and donations have been down so far this year. There is a donate button on their home page if you scroll down a little here at Thistle Cavies Rescue and it's Paypal.

Please try and help Wooly Pig and the other Thistle piggies in the rescue at this time. Thanks. :·)

If you do have any spare change to give, Thistle Cavies and the resident piggies would very much appreciate it! It's an amazing rescue, and the people who work there give so many piggies a brand new shot at life.


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September 3rd, 2010

04:42 pm - Post-op piggie
Rosie had surgery yesterday to remove a lump from her back leg. They gave her an E-collar which she absolutely hates, an I'm concerned because after she gets wet food she'll have nasal discharge; I think it's too restrictive. I'd like to bandage her foot and the vet says it's okay (though it's too close to closing for me to get there) so long as she doesn't bother it. She had a lump removed from the same foot a few years ago, was bandaged, and never touched it (different vet). Does anyone have advice on making a really secure bandage in that area? Thanks!
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August 30th, 2010

07:22 pm - Pigtuuures!
For your viewing pleasure, I introduce Chuck and Rodney! We've had them for 2 weeks so far and they seem to be settling in beautifully. Chuck is still a little jumpy (we are treating him with antibiotics and antiseptic gel from the vets atm because of some sores on his mouth) but Rodney has been falling asleep on us for the last 3 days. 

Pictures!Collapse )

These are just from today!

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August 24th, 2010

01:39 pm

Thank you to everyone who gave us advice on our last post. Through trial and error we have found that Rodney gets quite bored being held still and have allowed him to move about, playing with him by letting him hide in a towel etc.He has been much more calm and has stopped biting to let us know he wants to go back in the cage (for the past couple of days anyway!).

As the English summer is threatening to end anytime soon, we were wondering where you cavy lovers put your guinea pigs in the winter. Garage or shed? Are there advantages / disadvantages to either of these? Our shed has no windows and we feel a bit wary about having them in darkness most of the day but our garage has our noisy washing machine and drier in it.

Any thoughts would be great!

Aimée and Dan

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