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Guinea Pig Lovers Unite

A place for everyone who loves guinea pigs

Guinea Pig Lovers Unite!
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A community for those who love guinea pigs

Maintainer Note

This is a small community and exists alongside the larger guinea_pigs community. Most of the helpful members here are also members of guinea_pigs but the latter has many more members checking and posting to it every day.

I do not discourage members from posting here, but I encourage to cross post at least to guinea_pigs to increase your chances of getting more helpful advice more quickly :)

Community Information

This community supports guinea pig rescues, not breeders or pet stores. Every time a guinea pig sow is bred she has a 25% chance of death and buying a guinea pig supports this practise.

It is very tempting to want to "rescue" a guinea pig from a pet store but please remember that the guinea pig will be replaced by another, and a sow bred more because of the demand you are supporting. By adopting a piggie from a rescue, not only do you help that one pig, but you help the rescue save yet another guinea pig to go in his place!

Anywhere guinea pigs are sold there are guinea pigs for adoption, and guinea pigs of all ages, from pups to senior citizens, guinea pigs of all colours, from torties to roans, and guinea pigs of all breeds, from Americans to Texels.

Most of us started out with pet store guinea pigs, but now we know better :) If you already have pet store or pregnant guinea pigs we will do our best to help you, but please refrain from promoting either practise as a good thing.

Read these webpages to find out the horrors of pet stores and why you should adopt or rescue:

Guinea Pig Rescues:

Guinea Pig Resources:

Please also be aware that a lot of books, vets and pet store care information is out of date. Guinea pig care has advanced greatly in even the last 5 years. Please read over and bookmark the following three websites that provide all the background information every guinea pig owner needs:

Other Guinea Pig Care Communities:

Community Rules:

Please be aware that this community is pro-adoption and rescue, though we welcome all guinea pig owners and admirers. We will help with all accidental pregnancies but please do not promote breeding here, it is dangerous and unethical given the overpopulation problems.

  1. If your animal is seriously ill or suffering, take them immediately and directly to a veterinarian. Seeking advice on the internet is not in any way a replacement for the advice of a professional who can examine your pet in person. We can however give you advice as you wait for the emergency vet!

  2. By seeking advice with our members, you acknowledge the fact that those responding may have knowledge that you do not and are offering advice in the best interests of your pet. Remember that we are here to help the guinea pig, we are not attacking you, just trying to help! If in doubt of advice, please consult with a moderator of the community.

  3. If you are offering advice remember that the advice can be questioned and discussed. Do not be offended, we are all trying to find the best path for each piggie.

  4. Politeness is expected, coddling is not. If rapid change of pet care is needed for the health of the guinea pig then that will be advised.

  5. Pictures over 500 pixels wide or tall should be put under a livejournal cut. When posting multiple pictures please put all but one under a cut. How to do an lj-cut.

  6. Please do not advertise communities, giveaways or things for sale unless you ask the moderator for permission prior to doing so.

  7. Do not delete comments or posts, or freeze comment threads. This is a bannable offence! If you need something deleted, or feel a comment is out of line, please get in touch with a moderator.

  8. No flaming, fighting or trolling... Be aware that the following topics are often debated in other communities and may be debated hotly here as well: breeding, cages & vet care.

  9. The first time a mod speaks to you about rule breaking it is considered a warning. If a mod has to speak to you about rule breaking again, you will receive a temporary suspension from the group. Repeat offences may lead you to be banned from the community at the discretion of the mods.

  10. Any comments that are deemed racist, sexist, homophobic, etc will not be tolerated and may lead to you being banned from the community. Personal attacks will also not be tolerated. Please keep in mind that due to the nature of the internet it is sometimes hard to determine a persons "tone of voice". If you have any questions about what is considered appropriate, feel free to contact a moderator!

Contact Details:

If you need to contact a moderator, please do so as follows: Erin (polyemtgirl) and Laura (thalestral) can be contacted through email at cavyloversunite@gmail.com or you can message thalestral or polyemtgirll through livejournal itself.

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